Greg Ondo

Greg Ondo was born in Pennsylvania, where he attended Homer City High School, and later earned his BFA in Sculpture from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  While at IUP, Ondo studied with sculptor James Nestor, and was greatly influenced by Nestor's intensity and dedication; as well as his formal sensibility and often location-driven works.

Heading out west, Ondo lived and worked in Colorado and New Mexico.  Spending a lot of time outside hiking and skiing, he discovered an affinity for the rugged environments of the Middle Rockies with their varied landscapes-- high desert, hot springs, arroyos, and hoodoos.  He studied in the 3D Areas in the University of New Mexico's graduate program, earning his MFA in ceramics and sculpture.  Ondo also worked in UNM's Land Arts of the American West program, which was started in 2000 by Bill Gilbert and based on ten years of field programming at Acoma Pueblo and Juan Mata Ortiz, Mexico.








In 2006, Ondo relocated to Maine, which he considers to be "the equal opposite" of New Mexico in several ways.  He is Assistant Professor of Art at The University of Maine, where he maintains a studio filled with stone, metal, and various other materials that he can be seen wrestling with daily.

Some public projects include:  the Northern Lights permanent installation at St. Joseph's internal medicine; Glow, a granite and glass sculpture currently installed in Southwest Harbor, ME; and the Bottleneck woodfire kiln, made from the earth on which is sits, Llaves, NM (1999-present).  


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